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Haifa Smoked Fish, Inc.

About Us

Haifa Smoked Fish, Inc. is a leading brand of an extraordinary, great-tasting smoked fish in North America. We are a modern 12,000 square foot state-of-the-art smokehouse facility established in Queens, New York since 1999. For over a decade, we provide our customers with unparalleled customer service and excellent quality kosher seafood products under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union, which is highly recognized and respected by Jewish leaders around the world.

Our goal is to provide households with the freshest and best-tasting smoked fish that they can serve for their loved ones. Through our years of research and experience, we have developed our remarkable and unique blend of ingredients that is guaranteed to beat any other brand in the market. We take pride in the amazing and truly captivating taste of our smoked fish. Once you taste the difference, you know there is no turning back.

For years, we have achieved our goal through the focus and commitment that we have to our passion in serving customers with the best fish products. We pay special attention to the nitty-gritty process of preparing your favorites in the most natural and diligent processes possible to ensure that you experience the perfection in flavor and freshness that we have promised. Your health and safety are our priority. We make sure that we only use the freshest and healthiest fish available and process them without the use of additives or preservatives. Even our facility is HACCP-certified to ensure that we work in the safest and best of the environment.

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