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Haifa Smoked Fish, Inc.


Mackerel Cold & Hot Smoked

Smoked Mackerel is a very popular delicacy very well known throughout the entire world. We make it from highest quality of Mackerel that is found in the north-east Atlantic Ocean and imported from Norway and Scotland. It is also well known for it’s distinct taste and richness in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Ingredients: Mackerel, Salt and Natural Wood Smoke.

Mackerel Fillets

Boneless fillets of best quality mackerel in ripe, with natural wood smoke, delicious and traditional seafood lover’s favorite. We offer it as plain fillets or sprinkled with black pepper to enrich the taste.

Ingredients: Hot Smoke Mackerel, Salt and Natural Wood Smoke.

Malasol v/p

Malasol v/p

One of our unique items that we provide is Mackerel Malasol which is ready to eat product and has incredible taste of traditional mackerel without taste of smoke. Enjoy it with some vinegar and chopped onions over it.

Ingredients: Mackerel and Salt.