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Haifa Smoked Fish, Inc.


Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon

We, at Haifa smoked fish, use only the Freshest Salmon flown to us directly right after harvesting from farms located in the coldest waters of Chile, Norway and Scotland. We delicately cure every fish and carefully smoke it with natural wood smoke generated through a special blend of high quality wood chips. We’re using the techniques and special methods that were created by our specialists over the years, to provide an unforgettable taste to our product. Our cold smoked salmon packed in various sizes: from a Whole Unsliced fillet to 3 oz. pre-sliced single serve packages.

New Products

Pastrami Lox                       Gravad Lox


Ingredients: Atlantic salmon, Salt, Brown Sugar and Natural Wood Smoke

OU. Made in USA. All Natural.

Salmon Chunks – Hot Smoked

Our kippered salmon is Hot Smoked to perfection with unique method of curing and special technique which allows us to reach the perfect balance of flakiness and rich texture of salmon. This product truly has an unforgettable taste on your pellets.

Ingredients: Atlantic salmon, Salt and Natural Wood Smoke

OU. Made in USA. All Natural.


The assorted packages are great for smaller family gatherings where you get variety of different smoked fish in smaller amounts.