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Haifa Smoked Fish, Inc.


Lake Trout Chunks

Haifa’s Hot Smoked Lake Trout is produced from fish caught in the cold clear waters of Great Lakes. Smoking Lake Trout the way we do keeps this delicious fish tender and moist while absorbing that delicious Smokey flavor. We divide one fish in chunks for convenient use for consumers. It can be also individually vacuum packed.

Ingredients: Lake Trout, Salt, Natural Wood Smoke

Gold brook Trout Cold & Hot Smoked

Our Turbot is lightly salted and smoothly smoked with hard wood to produce a wonderful flavor and naturally buttery texture. Turbot makes an excellent appetizer and decoration for a holiday table. And of course it’s comes in a different variety packaging.

The Gold brook trout is native to Eastern North America in the United States and Canada. Its exotic appearance and unforgettable taste will stay with you forever. Just like our other products we provide a choice of Cold Smoked or Hot Smoked Gold Brook. It can also be individually packed upon request.

Ingredients: Gold Brook trout, Salt, Natural Wood Smoke.